Uganda Endorses Use of Herbal Medicine to Treat Viral Infections



Uganda has approved the use of Covidex, a local herbal medicine, as a supportive treatment for viral infections, including Covid-19.

Speaking to reporters in Kampala on Tuesday, National Drug Authority (NDA) executive director David Nahamya said that after various assessments and inspections of the plant making the herbal drug, they have approved its use. to support the treatment of viral infections.

After the pledges, the innovators removed unsubstantiated claims that the product treats and prevents Covid-19 and revised it to supportive therapy in the management of viral infections. The NDA has granted Covidex approval based on a initial assessment, published literature and safety studies conducted by the innovator, ”Mr. Nahamya announced.

The product has been formulated from herbal remedies traditionally used to relieve the symptoms of several diseases.

However, Mr Nahamya stressed that the drug does not cure Covid-19 but can complement the drug used by doctors to treat patients with coronavirus.

The pharmaceutical authority said it will continue to monitor the safety of Covidex through its post-market surveillance activities.


“We call on the public to immediately report any side effects from the use of this product to our toll-free line 0800101999,” added Mr. Nahamya.

The drug, manufactured by scientists at the University of Mbarara led by Professor Patrick Ogwang, had sparked debate over its effectiveness in treating the dreaded Covid-19.

But to further support the drug’s effectiveness for other uses, the NDA has advised the manufacturer to conduct randomized controlled clinical trials which are the highest level of evidence to verify any treatment claims.

The NDA had asked the drug manufacturer on June 14 to cease sales, citing safety concerns because the drug had not yet been approved.

However, Daily monitor reports that the drug, which users claim to be “very effective” against symptoms of Covid-19 such as the flu, is on its way to various parts of the country as demand skyrockets.

The Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda said there is still no proven cure for Covid-19 and all drugs (herbal and pharmaceutical) should have an equal chance.

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