Thai herbal medicines tested for COVID-19 control

Ha Rak and PrasaProhYai are on the Public Health Ministry’s herbal list for the treatment of fever and their application for COVID-19 treatment should wait for relevant officials to conclude the study first, Dr. Supakit.

The Department of Medical Sciences has found that Thai herbal fever medicines may contain COVID-19 in test tubes.

Dr. SupakitSirilak, director general of the department, said he studied the property of herbal medicines “Ha Rak” and “PrasaProhYai” to contain the Delta variant of COVID-19.

The department initially found that the water-based Ha Rak extract could control 96.23% of Delta at the concentration of 10 milligrams per milliliter. PrasaProhYai extract with water base could control 76.56% Delta at the concentration of 10mg/ml and PrasaProhYai extract with 50% alcohol solution could stop 88.70% Delta at the concentration of 2.5mg/ml.

Ha Rak and PrasaProhYai are on the Ministry of Public Health’s list of herbal medicines for the treatment of fever. Their request for COVID-19 treatment would have to wait for relevant officials to first conclude the study, Dr. Supakit said.

The department would expedite the study which covered antibody stimulation before infection, infection prevention and safe use of the drug, he said. (TNA)

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