Perspectives on the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 using medicinal plants in Vietnam: a cross-sectional study


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Anne Ig. December 9, 2021. doi: 10.7416 / ai.2021.2484. Online ahead of print.


INTRODUCTION: The importance of herbal medicine (HM) during the COVID-19 pandemic has been confirmed. Nonetheless, limited studies have included people’s views on preventing / treating COVID-19 using herbal medicine in Vietnam. Thus, this study addressed the aforementioned issue.

METHODS: An online cross-sectional study was conducted in Vietnamese adults between February and April 2021. Descriptive analysis, regression and Chi-square tests were performed for statistical purposes.

RESULTS: A total of 787 respondents participated in the study, 368 (46.8%) confirmed using herbal / nutritional supplements for the prevention / treatment of COVID-19. Over 50% of those surveyed had a positive view on vitamin C ingestion. The use of herbal remedies for external use as a disinfectant was most often preferred. Respondents who had a “very good” perception of their health or who lived in rural areas were more likely to have a positive opinion about the prevention / treatment of COVID-19 using herbal medicines. The main obstacle to the use of herbal remedies was the lack of personal experience or expert advice.

CONCLUSION: The Vietnamese people commonly use herbal medicine for the prevention / treatment of COVID-19. These data could help policymakers manage public knowledge and practice on the use of herbal medicine in Vietnam.

PMID: 34882168 | DOI: 10.7416 / ai.2021.2484


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