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Dublin, May 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The “Herbal Supplements and Remedies – Global Market Trajectory and Analysis” report was added to offer.

Amid the COVID-19 crisis and looming economic recession, the global herbal supplements and remedies market will grow by US $ 61.6 billion, during the analysis period, driven by a rate revised compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8%.

The global analysis and forecast periods covered are 2020-2027 (Current & Future Analysis) and 2012-2019 (Historic Review). Research estimates are provided for 2020, while research projections cover the period 2021-2027.

Multi-Herbs, one of the segments analyzed and sized in this study, is expected to grow over 8.1% and reach a market size of $ 99.4 billion by the end of the analysis period. An unusual time in history, the coronavirus pandemic sparked an unprecedented series of events affecting all industries. The Multi-Herbs market will be reset to a new normal which, in the future, in a post COVID-19 era, will be continually redefined and rethought. Staying on top of trends and accurate analysis is more important than ever in managing uncertainty, change and constantly adapting to new and changing market conditions.

Under the new emerging geographic scenario, the United States is expected to readjust to a CAGR of 5.4%. In Europe, the region most affected by the pandemic, Germany will add more than US $ 1.9 billion to the size of the region over the next 7-8 years. In addition, more than US $ 1.7 billion of projected demand in the region will come from the rest of European markets. In Japan, the Multi-Herbs segment will reach a market size of US $ 4.3 billion by the end of the analysis period. Blamed for the pandemic, China faces significant political and economic challenges. Amid the growing push for decoupling and economic distancing, changing relations between China and the rest of the world will influence competition and opportunities in the herbal supplements and remedies market.

Against this backdrop and changing geopolitical, commercial and consumer sentiment, the world’s second-largest economy will grow 11.3% over the next two years and add approximately US $ 16.3 billion in business opportunities. addressable market. Continued monitoring for emerging signs of a possible post-COVID-19 post-crisis New World Order is a must for aspiring companies and their astute executives looking to succeed in the booming herbal supplements and remedies market landscape. evolution. All research views presented are based on validated engagements from market influencers, whose opinions supersede all other research methodologies.

Main topics covered:




  • Supplements and herbal remedies: allow effective maintenance of general health in a natural way
  • Recent market activity
  • Effectiveness of herbs in the prevention and treatment of various health problems: the fundamental growth engine
  • Herbal supplements for specific medical conditions
  • Effectiveness in the long-term management of certain disorders
  • Global Market Outlook
  • Developed markets dominate, while developing countries spearhead growth
  • Market shares of global competitors
  • Global Herbal Supplements and Remedies Competitors Market Share Scenario (%): 2020 and 2029
  • Impact of Covid-19 and an impending global recession


  • Arizona Natural Products (United States)
  • Société Anonyme des Laboratoires ARKOPHARMA (France)
  • Bio-Botanica, Inc. (United States)
  • Bionorica SE (Germany)
  • Blackmores Ltd. (Australia)
  • Gaia Herbs, LLC (US)
  • Glanbia plc (Ireland)
  • Herb Pharm, LLC (US)
  • Herbalife International of America, Inc. (United States)
  • Hevert Arzneimittel GmbH & Co KG (Germany)
  • Himalaya Drug Company (India)
  • i-Health, Inc. (US)
  • Indfrag Ltd. (India)
  • Jemo-pharm A / S (Denmark)
  • Natures Aid Ltd. (UK)
  • Nature’s Answer (United States)
  • Nature’s Bounty, Inc. (US)
  • Solgar Inc. (United States)
  • Sundown Naturals (United States)
  • NaturaLife Asia Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
  • Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. (United States)
  • Products of Nature’s Way, Inc. (United States)
  • New Chapter, Inc. (US)
  • International Nutraceutical Company (United States)
  • Pharma Nord ApS (Denmark)
  • Pharmavite LLC (United States)
  • Potter’s Herbals (United Kingdom)
  • PuraPharm Corporation Limited (Hong Kong)
  • Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems, Inc. (United States)
  • Ricola SA (Switzerland)
  • Schaper & Brummer GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
  • Twinlab Consolidated Holdings, Inc. (United States)


  • Loss of appeal of chemical remedies and growing consumer interest in herbal medicine and supplements are driving healthy market growth
  • Natural Herbal Garlic Supplements For A Healthy Heart
  • Ginkgo Biloba for the treatment of blood disorders and memory disorders
  • Echinacea: widely known for its immune stimulating properties
  • St. John’s Wort for Depression and Mood Disorders
  • Ginseng: the centuries-old ingredient in various medicinal preparations
  • Women’s Unique Health Care Needs Drive Demand For Various Herbal Supplements
  • Transition from a product-oriented nature to a health-oriented nature of herbal supplements benefits the expansion of the market
  • Ayurvedic supplements go mainstream
  • Focus on disease prevention rather than treatment that drives adoption
  • Growing emphasis on weight management drives demand for herbs that aid in weight loss
  • Epidemic proportions of obesity lead to increased focus on weight management
  • Ginger and Turmeric: Wonderful Herbal Ingredients with Impressive Health Benefits
  • Ginger relieves motion sickness and seasickness
  • Ginger: useful in the treatment of nausea
  • Turmeric is gaining notable attention as a medical remedy
  • Soy and Aloe Vera: Niche, But Extremely Popular Herbal Supplements
  • Health Benefits of Soybeans
  • Some of the main benefits of Aloe Vera for the human body
  • Some health benefits of aloe vera juice
  • Rhodiola, milk thistle, feverfew and saw palmetto are gaining prominence in various remedies
  • Rhodiola Herb Supplement Reduces Stress and Fatigue
  • Milk thistle for liver detoxification
  • Feverfew herbal supplement to improve digestive health
  • Saw palmetto herbal supplement for prostate health
  • Consumer attitudes falter with conflicting research results
  • Use of herbal supplements in dentistry rises amid concerns
  • Internet emerges as an effective sales channel
  • Favorable demographic and economic trends strengthen market prospects
  • World population hot air balloon
  • Longer life expectancy
  • Exponential increase in urban population
  • Aging of the population
  • Increase in disposable income
  • India and China: important potential future markets
  • Main challenges hampering the growth prospects of herbal medicines and supplements
  • Some notable bans on herbal supplements
  • Herbal remedies endangering wild plant species
  • Combining Prescription Drugs With Herbal Supplements May Cause Harm
  • Herbal Supplements May Increase Breast Cancer Risk
  • Impact of Herbal Supplements on Patients Undergoing Plastic Surgery
  • Herbal remedies and arthritis patients



Total number of profiled companies: 109

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