Overcoming addiction prompts local woman to open herbal medicine business


NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WRDW / WAGT) – A local woman is using her overcoming addiction story to help others who may be in pain. Ashley Murphy recently opened ABÄ’CA Naturals in North Augusta, selling and manufacturing herbal medicines.

“My number one goal every day when I woke up in the morning was to count my blessings and stay sober, those were the only two things I was interested in,” said Ashley Murphy.

For Ashley Murphy, she knows full well how addiction can take over your life.

“I got addicted to drugs at a fairly young age and by the age of 25 I felt like I finally had nothing else to live on. I hit what addicts call their bottom, I lost custody of my child, I was doing things for money that I’m obviously not proud of today, ”she said.

Forced to hit rock bottom, Murphy says that’s when she realized she needed help.

“I picked up and left. I knew that was it for me and I had two choices, end my life or start all over, ”she said.

It was then that she decided to enroll in a recovery program.

“I felt like a 13 year old girl because this is the age I started using drugs, and when I went into treatment I remembered we were going around in circles and saying the prayer. of the Lord and I was surrounded by these adult women. I can look back in this room and I felt like I was admiring them all, I was that little girl because I never grew up, I never got to grow up, ”she said .

With a childhood lost and struggling to find her purpose, it was the recovery program that helped her find her way.

“Healing is possible if you can find spirituality,” she said.

It was also at this point that she decided that she wanted to become a spokesperson for others, using her lived experiences.

“A lot of what I’m doing now is leading people on a spiritual journey. People ask me for my story and they’re super inspired and they want life changing tips and tricks so I tell people to start with gratitude, ”she said.

Ultimately, starting a business and opening ABÄ’CA Naturals, making herbal remedies and using spirituality to help other people in the community who may be suffering in silence.

“I just told my husband that I want to help people, that I want to make medicine and that’s it. I want to help people and I want to make medicine, so every extra penny we got every month from her work would just go towards this business, ”she said.

Murphy says she’s been sober for about 10 years now. ABÄ’CA is located in North Augusta, near Martintown Road.

For more information, visit their website at ABÄ’CA Naturals. To connect with them on social media, visit their Facebook at @abecanaturals and Instagram at @abecanaturals.

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