Nano Herbal Medicine by Chula Veterinary Science for Healthy Dandy and Gamecocks


Newswise – Chula Veterinary Science speaker offered nano-based herbal skin care and health-boosting products for gamecocks that help treat fungal infections, chicken mites and parasites, in the aim to extend the use to commercial chicken farming, cosmetics industry and human dermatological drugs.

Breeding gamecocks has long been a Thai tradition, with its folk wisdom passed down from generation to generation. One popular wisdom is the use of herbs as health food for gamecocks, which is still practiced by some. Others have turned to chemical drugs that are harmful to both animals and their owners.

Dr. Teerapong Yata, Lecturer, Biochemistry Unit, Department of Physiology, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University values ​​the wisdom of using traditional herbs to treat gamecocks, despite some weaknesses that can be corrected with modern technology.

“Traditional plant-based raw materials cannot be used effectively by animal bodies,” Dr. Teeraphong said of inspiring plant-based nano-products that can nurture health and well-being. be gamecocks while increasing their survival rate.

Dr Teerapong Yata
Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University

Gamecocks and the Skin Problems That Can Claim Their Lives

Dr Teeraphong revealed that gamecock health problems are often caused by mites or parasites on their skin and in their feathers. They also suffer from fungal infections and eczema, which show up as white scales on their skin.

“The mites and parasites feed on the blood and skin tissue of gamecocks, which stresses them. Chickens do not lay eggs. And if left untreated for a long time, the chicken will lose weight, suffer from anemia, and eventually its immune system will be compromised.

Today, some gamecock breeders are tackling this problem by immersing the whole chicken in water mixed with pesticides.

“This method can give quick results, but it leaves pesticide residues in the chicken, which can be harmful to chickens and farmers if they accumulate over time,” Dr Teerapong warned of the use. of these harmful chemicals. The traditional method of using herbal medicines may not be as effective. Dr. Teerapong said that “the traditional medicine for eczema is to apply turmeric powder to chickens. A large amount of turmeric is necessary but not very effective, as human or animal skin often does not easily pass anything.

A variety of herbal nano-products for gamecocks

Dr. Teerapong found a solution to the problem by using nanotechnology to more efficiently deliver active ingredients through the skin, and developed the following products to address gamecock health issues:

PhytoNano-Hydrogel for treating fungal infections in gamecocks

It is a product derived from two active ingredients of Thai herbs: eugenol from clove oil which is antifungal and antibacterial, and curcumin from turmeric which helps heal wounds and reduce inflammation of infected skin.

“This innovative nanotechnology we developed is a combination of herbs with phyton nano-hydrogel technology which can retain water and is prepared from a polymer with a lattice structure, so it has a special property to fix the molecules of active ingredients on the skin long enough for them to work effectively.In addition, the “Phyto nanoparticle” delivery system improves the ability of the ingredients to penetrate the skin tissues and allows the active ingredients to work more effectively . »

PhytoNano-Hydrogel for treating fungal infections in gamecocks
PhytoNano-Hydrogel for treating fungal infections in gamecocks

PhytoNano-SPRAY and PhytoNano-Particle Shampoo to repel chicken mites and parasites

These products use nanoparticles to encapsulate three essential oils: clove, cinnamon, and lemongrass, which can kill dust mites, repel mosquitoes, and are rich in antioxidants.

PhytoNano-SPRAY and PhytoNano-Particle Shampoo to repel chicken mites and parasites
PhytoNano-SPRAY and PhytoNano-Particle Shampoo to repel chicken mites and parasites

PhytoNano-Hydrogel treatment with turmeric extract for gamecocks

These gamecock skincare products use a rosocyanin compound derived from turmeric curcuminoids and borate that nourishes and strengthens chicken skin. It helps keep the skin red, clear and healthy. It is also anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal.

Recently, this product was supported by the National Innovation Agency (Public Body) to be used commercially.

Phytonnano-Hydrogel from turmeric extract
Phytonnano-Hydrogel from turmeric extract

The future of nanotechnology for human and animal health

These plant-based nano-products not only benefit gamecocks, but also chicken farming. They can be used to treat both broilers and laying chickens with health problems related to chicken mites.

“We can apply these products as a spray for the poultry house to solve broiler and laying hen problems, and increase marketing opportunities,” said Dr Teerapong, and concluded with the opportunity to bring nanotechnological innovations to other industries for human products such as cosmetics and various pharmaceuticals through the diffusion of nanoparticles through the skin.

Gamecocks before and after a week of using the products
Gamecocks before and after a week of using the products


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