La Clinique des Plantes is the herbal medicine guide you didn’t know you needed


Photography by Georgia Blackie

By Eleanor Wilson

An herbal remedy for anxiety and burnout? Sign me up!

Thanks to the pandemic, today more than ever, medicine is joining the list of subjects for political debate. As a result, many of us see the relationship between modern medicine and traditional herbal medicine with a sharp separation in the middle.

But while some of us religiously rely on Nurofen when our period causes us grief, and others prefer a holistic approach to pain relief, for most of us our medical background is actually much more synergistic.

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Complementary Medicines States of Australia 75 percent of Australians have used at least one form of complementary medicine in the past year, a third of which do so to manage symptoms of chronic disease.

Perhaps, like me, you have considered holistic measures when inconclusive doctor appointments failed to diagnose or treat your unwavering fatigue. Maybe you are trying to navigate an autoimmune disease diagnosis, or you might even be dealing with a classic case of ‘hot girl stomach problems‘.

Whatever your reasons are for looking for a different approach to your health, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the abundance of information and new ingredients that herbal medicine has to offer. So, how do you learn herbal medicine without spending hours in a burrow of herbal potions?

Signal The Plant Clinic, a volume of 150 plus remedies, recipes and protocols for healthy living using herbal medicine, from an herbalist and a nutritionist Erin Lovell Verinder.

With many qualifications in Western Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, and Energy Healing, for Erin,The Plant Clinic is the culmination of her lived experience, working with clients over the years in her clinic. “In my own health journey, herbal medicine has repeatedly been completely supportive and transformative. From the common cold to the belly bug, from burnout to premenstrual syndrome, ”she reveals.

In the simplest terms, The Plant Clinic, who joins Plants for the people as Erin’s second book, is like an encyclopedia of herbal medicine. You’ll find carefully compiled sections of recipes and remedies relating to everything from gut health, immunity and hormonal health, supporting moms and babies, hair and skin, as well as vitality and detoxification.

“In the immunity section, there are protocols for a cold, or the flu, or in the vitality section, there is a protocol for burnout or decreased libido, each of these daily protocols is linked to the recipes. of each section, ”she told me.

And at a time when many of us fell victim to the stress and anxiety from the COVID pandemicErin says that including mind and spirit protocols and recipes was especially important to her. “We all experience such increased stress, exhaustion, anxiety, and the constant flow into our moods and health,” she explains.

Erin details how anxiety and burnout protocols could prove particularly useful for those of us who are feeling particularly exhausted by the current blockages and restrictions. “There are some amazingly simple recipes in the book, like the unraveled tea, the key tea, [and] the uplifting oxymel, ”she adds.

The Plant Clinic is the priceless culmination of centuries of wisdom gleaned from traditional medicine. But what might be considered most special about this book is the opportunity it provides to navigate herbal medicine in your own space and at your own pace.

It is a safe space to explore healing, specific to your experience, where the dichotomous sides of the medicine debate are not to be found.

The Plant Clinic was created to guide people in tapping into the rich wisdom of herbal healing to meet your needs in a deep and comprehensive way, ”notes Erin.

‘La Clinique des Plantes’ is available now, head here to order your copy.


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