Illegal herbal medicine dealers incur ire of Cross River State government


We will end quackery in Cross River State at all costs they are killing our people – Dr Betta Edu

The Cross River State Department of Health (CRSMOH), through the Office of Commissioner Dr. Betta Edu, had established an Anti-Quackery Team in 2020 led by Dr. David Ushie to end to quackery, one drug cures all, counterfeit drugs, illegal drug practices, sharp practices among others that have led to the deaths of thousands of Cross Riverians. The ministry, which had closed more than 11 hospitals in different parts of the state, frowned on the arbitrary and illegal advertising of herbal medicines and even fake medical activities in Cross River State.

This action has continually antagonized the state government, which through its Task Force on Quackery and Counterfeit Drugs has promised to clean up the healthcare system, especially at a time when quacks have infiltrated parts of the state by selling the fake drugs to gullible members of the public. .

Addressing the situation on Thursday, State Health Commissioner Dr. Betta Edu revealed that the excesses and unethical advertising of herbal medicine products, “one drug cures all herbal medicines or traditional medicines is unacceptable”. and monitoring their activities with other relevant government agencies such as NAFDAC.

Dr Edu added that herbal products need to be assessed by licensed authorities before they can be sold. Traditional medicine vendors must comply with instructions from the state government and relevant agencies to register and obtain certificates before advertising their products. “These products must undergo mandatory laboratory evaluation. The Cross River State government is always willing to strengthen the health system in its mandate to protect public health”

The commissioner warned that the state government would not hesitate to sanction and punish any unethical practice harmful to public health and environmental safety, as it is committed to protecting people’s lives. .

The task force led by the Governor’s Special Advisor on Health, Dr. Ushie David, had discovered and completely destroyed the illegal camps set up by unlicensed trad-medical trade show organizers who arrived in the state and have set up tents at the Calabar Cultural Center on January 17, 2022.

Instead of dismantling and leaving the state as ordered by the task force team, more of them arrived at night and continued to set up awnings for these illegal activities. Faced with this belligerent behavior on the part of the offenders, the State team mobilized and coordinated the complete destruction of their tents and awnings, and forcefully proceeded to evacuate them from the Cultural Center and the State with proper plans put in place by the team if they relocated anywhere in CRS, Special Adviser Dr. David Ushie promised their arrest and prosecution as repeat offenders.

The state health commissioner, Dr Betta Edu, who inaugurated the team a few months ago, has mandated the task force team to hunt down quackery in the health sector with the full support from the state government and the Department of Health.

“We are aware that some people have decided to indulge in quackery where they claim to cure all diseases with a certain concussion while they are people who practice without a license and some do not even have a medical bent. . It is therefore necessary for the safety of all nearby residents that a task force continues to comb through the state and retrieve these individuals and so far the results have been encouraging. this will continue!.

Speaking during the dismantling of the said tents, Dr Ushie David said their activities are illegal as they never got approval from the state Department of Health. “They are all charlatans and practice illegally. We will continue to hunt them because our hospitals and health facilities are sufficiently equipped to provide medical services to our people. The fight to end quackery in the state began in 2020 as the government of Senator Prof. Ben Ayade, through the Honorable Commissioner for Health, has given us everything we need to achieve this goal. We must avoid these people so as not to bring negligent and preventable health problems to our people. »

The people of Cross River are therefore advised not to buy or patronize anyone walking down the street claiming to have a solution to typhoid, malaria, cholera, dysentery and even HIV/AIDS etc., said remedy from a particular drug or from a concussion. Instead, go to any nearby health facility for proper medical services and care.


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