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The Ondo State University of Medical Sciences said the establishment of a herbal medicine center will further research on local herbs to cure various ailments.

The institution, however, noted that the result of various research on local plants and herbs may not come as soon as people think.

The university’s vice-chancellor, Prof. Adesegun Fatusi, said so in an interview with reporters in his office.

Adesegun said it was unfortunate that Nigerians were unable to conduct extensive research on herbal medicine.

He said the university established its herbal medicine center to work on providing solutions to the problem of herbal medicine.

He said, “The problem with Nigerian herbal medicine is that we haven’t focused on enough scientific research. So one of the things that has been done in the Nigerian herbal medicine industry is also what we have done, as our fathers did. No measurement, no dosage and we use these drugs. No drug in the scientific world works that way, every drug must have a clear indicator. There is no medicine that solves all problems, unfortunately those who sell drugs on a public bus in Lagos will choose a medicine and say that it will cure 30 ailments.

“Our approach consists in subjecting them to scientific rigor and identifying which are the active ingredients of the drug. If you have a plant it is possible, it does a lot of things but actives that work for one may not work for another. So what science does is extract the component that works for each one separately and package it and that’s why this scientific research is not something you start now and get the result quickly.

“These are works that have accumulated over months and sometimes years to do. But if you look at the picture around the world, you’ll know that the biggest discovery they’ve made on drugs”.

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