Global Chinese Manufacturer Jiangyin Tianjiang Launches Herbal Medicines



The global pharmaceutical company of Chinese manufacturer Jiangyin Tianjiang has launched two herbal medicines in Kenya to boost immunity, treat and manage viral pneumonia.

Operating under the aegis of a local agent, XRP Medical Kenya Limited, the company introduced Healthouself Formular 3 and Healthouself Formular 5.

Healthouself Formula 3 is primarily used for the prevention of influenza, colds, and hospital-acquired infections, while Healthouself Formula 5 is used for the treatment of viral pneumonia, severe respiratory infections, and zoonotic infections.

“So if your immunity is high you won’t have a problem and you won’t be easily attacked by COVID-19 which actually affects your chest, lungs and upper respiratory tract,” said Edgar Ngugi, managing director. by XRP Medical Kenya.

Kenya’s drug regulatory authority, the Pharmacy and Poison Board, has approved and certified both herbal products for sale in the country.

Mr Ngugi adds that: “So we went through this whole rigorous process of recording the tests, sampling it all to make sure that it is safe and that it does what it does, we brought a whole dossier including a pharmacological test, a clinical test that everything was done in China. There is a whole dossier of evidence including which part of the plant this extract comes from, the process it goes through to be able to be processed and what effects it has, what it is for and its purities at what level and all and all the composition now.

The ingredients in both herbal remedies have been tried and tested in China as a complementary prevention alongside other treatment options to manage respiratory illnesses.


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