COVID-19: a test herbal treatment


PRETORIA – The Sefako Makgatho University of Health Sciences in Pretoria has said that the process of testing the safety and efficacy of an herbal product from M5-MediGroup will continue.

A group of traditional healers approached the university to perform the tests.

He hopes to offer the product to help treat COVID-19.

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“The work we are going to do involves characterizing the herbal product in terms of composition and evaluating anti-COVID-19 activity,” said Stanley Gololo, acting head of biochemistry at SMU.

“This herbal product is not a vaccine. It belongs to the category of alternative medicine. If we find any efficacy, it can serve as a treatment.”

No deadline has been set for the end of the tests.

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SMU professor Joshua Olowoyo said, “The university will administer the drug or remedy once the product has been assessed for safety and efficacy.

“We can’t tell you at this point that these tests will last four or five months. The work is still in progress. As we mentioned, we need to develop the protocol and continue the scientific aspect of the research.”

The M5-MediGroup, which compromises a family of traditional healers, does not yet have a fixed price for its herbal remedy.

The group says they are eagerly awaiting results from their herbal product.

* Senior eNCA reporter Aviwe Mtila filed this report.


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