China offers to train young Nigerians in the development of herbal medicine


According to Cui, Nigeria has enormous potential which, when properly harnessed, with the support of the Chinese government, will boost the country’s economy and promote good health and longevity for its citizens.

He said the Chinese government, through its embassy in Nigeria, will train young Nigerians in the development of herbal medicine through a technology-driven process.

I think, how can we work with Nigeria to solve this problem, China has done it and I believe we can do it.

“I have discussed with the Youth Congress and we are thinking how to give young people the opportunity to take the lead, to develop this country, so we think this project in medicine is a good project.

“I fully promised the president how we can give the opportunity not only to use the technology of medicine and to try to build a project that benefits not only the people but also the economy.

“I think how can we establish more pilot projects because traditional medicine is really important to the international community and I think Nigeria has our advantage, how can we catalyze it, take advantage of it.

“And get young people to take the lead and build a common project, to make it succeed and to make it grow. How can we encourage young people to take the lead, to do something for this nation.

“It’s not about empty talk but about leadership, working together, mobilizing all of society to eradicate poverty, and I believe we can get something and make Nigerians work together.

“I hope this seminar will be a success, it will be a good model to extend food security”, Cui said.

Sir Mohammed abdallahiMinister of State for Science and Technology said President Muhammadu Buhari’s goal is to eradicate poverty and that herbal medicine would bring in around $ 50 billion by 2030.

Abdullahi said that it is important for young people to be made aware of the knowledge of herbal medicine from natural products for the treatment of diseases.

According to him, young people have a very important role in improving the Nigerian economy if they are effectively sensitized to alternative medicine.

“The ministry, through its agencies, is ready to support young people who have innovative ideas in herbal medicine, as we have established partnerships with appropriate institutions and some traditional medicine practitioners across Nigeria.

“To facilitate scientific evaluation, clinical trials and registration of herbal drugs found to be effective in disease management.”

“The ministry is ready to work with the Chinese government to improve herbal medicine in Nigeria.

“And thereafter, send traditional medicine practitioners to China for proper training and we will continue to collaborate,” said Abdallahi.

Sir Akinlosotu blessing, the president of New York, said that the association, knowing the importance of traditional medicine in boosting the Nigerian economy, initiated the discussion with the Chinese embassy.

He appreciated the Chinese ambassador for his support, adding that Nigeria is also ready to learn from China’s success to develop its own traditional medicine sector.

We initiated this with the Chinese Embassy and discussed how we can work together to do so many things, and part of that relates to the aspect of this traditional medicine.

“You will agree with me that China has the best of this traditional medicine and that it derives a lot from it.

“It tells you if Nigeria and all the stakeholders come together to do the same, because we have all the natural resources, the plants, the people, the practitioners.

“But the only thing we have to do is encourage them, see what we can do to get governments to support them so that Nigeria can also generate a lot of economic gains from these traditional medicines,” he said. -he adds. said Akinlosotu.


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