Burst of calls for Anandaiah’s herbal medicine


Nellore: Police and Revenue Department officials, with the exception of media representatives working in Nellore town and Krishnapatnam area, are increasingly under pressure from relatives, friends and acquaintances to organize the herb mix. Anandaiah. They are harassed by calls from all over the state.

“Although I know Anandaiah, how can I ask him for the concoction every day when the preparation has been interrupted for the past two weeks? Said a senior police officer. The pressure is such that police officers in Krishnapatnam and Muthukuru regions have even stopped answering calls from the new numbers.

Not only the revenue and the police, but even the Krishnapatnam Port employees are inundated with requests for preparation as it is produced on the premises of the Port Security Academy.

Officials in many departments are so upset with the requests that their first response became “Ask me for anything except the preparation of Anandaiah.” The same goes for people in the media, especially those who work in Krishnapatnam.

While confusion still reigns over the availability of the drug, and a few politicians make their own arrangements to prepare the concoction for people in their constituencies, the general public is unsure of how to get it, despite the fact that there is no way to get it. has no evidence of its effectiveness. A person who has recovered his scent after using both the allopathy and the Anandaiah preparation is not sure what helped him.

With the courts giving the concoction credibility, there is a huge demand for the herbal blend. Its effectiveness will only be known after some time.

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