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NELLORE: Almost a week after the state government gave the green signal, Ayurvedic drug maker Bonigi Anandaiah of Krishnapatnam in Nellore District resumed distribution of the herbal concoction on Monday.
However, there were no queues in the village as the district administration had regulated the entry of visitors to Krishnapatnam.
Medicines are distributed to residents of Sarvepalle constituency through village and neighborhood volunteers without allowing anyone to visit the village.
The Nellore district administration banned the entry of non-locals into the village of Krishnapatnam by blocking Article 144 of the CrPC. All roads to Krishnapatnam have been barricaded for entry by non-locals.
Anandaiah said the process took longer than expected due to the unavailability of herbal ingredients. “We call on people from any part of the state or other parts of the country not to visit Krishnapatnam to seek medicine. We will try to send the drugs to their addresses shortly, ”Anandaiah said.
The distribution of Anandaiah’s herbal paste, touted as a miracle cure for Covid-19, was suspended by the state government a fortnight ago following an outcry on social media and massive participation in the village of Krishnapatnam.
The state government then called in experts from the Central Council for Ayurvedic Science Research (CCRAS) to study the composition of the drugs distributed by Anandaiah. After experts discovered that the drug had no side effects or harmful content, the state government decided to allow its distribution.
However, the government has warned the public not to interrupt the administration of other drugs for Covid-19. The government has also made it clear that there is no evidence that Anandaiah’s drug is a cure for Covid-19.
Meanwhile, herbal medicine is also available in Chittoor district following the efforts of Chandragiri lawmaker Dr Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy.
Massive arrangements were made in the Narayani Gardens near Mukkoti Temple in the Chandragiri Coven constituency from where Dr Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy reported the drug being distributed on Monday.
Speaking to reporters, the lawmaker said the drug would be distributed free of charge to 1.6 lakh households in the assembly constituency of Chandragiri.

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