Friday, October 8 2021

Food and Drugs Authority public relations manager Mr. James Lartey clarified that drugs at Amen Herbal Hospital have been approved by the organization, but not for the purpose of treating the novel coronavirus.

He made the statement in reaction to the statement by Sheikh Amin Bonsu, director general of the hospital, that the hospital cured a British returnee of the novel coronavirus using these drugs; Testico, Fever-Mix and Webco.

According to Mr. Lartey no medication; whether it is herbal or not has been approved by the organization to be the cure for the virus.

“It has products approved by the FDA, but the products are not approved products for COVID-19. We have not approved any drugs for COVID-19, ”he said.

He added that the herbal medicine Amen may have treated particular symptoms of the virus and not cure the virus itself.

“Suppose we approved their cough products. If someone has COVID-19 and they cough as a symptom, and they take it and it goes away, that is not a treatment for COVID-19. So his medication worked for this symptom of the virus, ”he said.

He also touched on some people’s perception that the FDA is against herbal medicine in the country. For him, this is far from the truth.

“There is a perception in the herbal business that someone is against them and their medicine and a whole bunch of things, so when you talk a little bit you will be misinterpreted. For the FDA, we have not registered any drug for COVID-19, ”he concluded.

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